Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Madness

Note To Self: It is never a good thing to plop yourself down at the water park where a potential riot might break out. Yep, it happened...RIGHT WHERE I WAS SITTING! I found my kiddo and we marched out of there in two seconds flat. Oh boy! There was blood, and hair pulled out and body parts exposed. Oh my! Sad to say but we will not be going back to our precious lil water park...nope, not ever if I have a say-so.

We spent the earlier part of the day visiting with my grandmother in Benton. We FINALLY got her Mother's Day gift to her. Yes, sad I know. Before that, we ate at one of our fave places...Moe's. Yum! And I got to do a lil shopping. I found the throw pillows I needed for my brand new bedding. Oh glorious day, I cannot wait to sleep on my own bed with my brand new bedding. Makes me feel like a queen! And I found some fun little flip flop toppers for Neeley. You know...those cutesy lil bows that go on flip-flops. Hate to admit but kinda wanted some for myself. Haha!

We've had our showers and now we're off to watch some trash tv. These past few days have been super stressful not being under our own roof right now. I am so ready for our own space. How many more days until we fly? 11!!!!! Oh dear!

Tomorrow is Neeley's Girl Scout Court of Awards...her last scout event here in Arkansas. **tear** We are excited about it yet still kind of emotional. Will let you know how it goes...


Amber said...

WHAT?!??!??!?!??! I barely could read the rest of your post, because I was still in shock and awe over the riot.

WHAT??!?!??!!? That is crazy!! Do tell more. Because that just sounds like good clean fun. Ahem.

Kendra said...

I'm with Amber. RIOT AT THE WATERPARK??? There are some sketchy people that hang out there, and people just dump their kids and run, too. Glad we have a pool that only 25 families use!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Today there was a couple of police officers there at different times and we sat just about where you were sitting...Glad nothing happened today!