Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just wanted to let you know I'm officially unplugging Ol' Bessy, the family computer, so she can be put on the moving van tomorrow. Will be updating from work and wherever we can. We will be living with my parents from now on so my posts will surely be more sporadic until we are able to get settled in Germany.

We have decided we will be living on post. There is talk of lots of ramen noodles or whatever the German equivalent is due to the lovely economy being so desperately sickening over there. :( Not my ideal situation but guess we'll survive. I'll have to show y'all some pictures of where we will probably be living, but first I'll probably have to have one final big ol' boo-hoo about it. Not happy at all but it's not a dump and it's not the end of the world. It's just that everything is so outrageously expensive over there.

Y'all be thinking of us for the next two days as I deal with this move and the movers. Quite honestly ( and I may have mentioned this before...if I have, please forgive me!) I have NEVER been present when our stuff was picked up or delivered for a military move. Yep, and this is our fourth military move. Nope, I've never been here to enjoy it. (I say that with sarcasm) I always made sure I was, or something. :) So not only is this my first time, but my first time and I'M BY MYSELF. No help, no clue as to what I'm supposed to do, and no idea if I have even done the prep I'm supposed to. So I'm winging it and having lots of drinks and donuts and pizza and snacks and hopefully that will help ease the moving guys' pain, right?

Will keep y'all posted...


Glo said...

This is just crazy Ashley! I am getting sad knowing that you will be gone in no time. If I am sad and hardly ever see you anyway, I can only imagine how you are feeling moving out of your house. I just wish you the best and hope that things will settle once you are in Germany. Can't wait to hear more later!

Amber said...

I'm with Glo...I'm getting sad. I'm so excited about this new adventure, but I can't really believe it is happening.