Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's A Sad, Sad Day

Well, not really... We bid a fond farewell to Blacky, our 2009 Ford Fusion yesterday. I was already attached to that car. Is that possible? Sounds like a personal problem. :) But now she has a new home with loving parents so we are very happy.

We've been (sort of) drama free for a few days. Getting quotes to have the house cleaned this evening. That's always fun. And found out that, after we have signed a new auto policy with another company b/c our previous carrier said they would not carry us, our auto insurance carrier JUST SIGNED A NEW AGREEMENT TO ALLOW SUCH POLICIES. What!?! Urg..... So now we are starting that process all over again...that is if we can get out of our current contract. Does this stuff only happen to us? Geez...

So were you all surprised by ol' Kris? Wow! :)

Can I say I have no definite plans for the weekend. I do believe this is the first in about a million years. Well, I do have to work on Neeley's party coming up. I am not really sending out any formal invitations except to family and such but all of you with kids, please, please, please bring your kiddos for the food, fun and fellowship. We will be celebrating Neeley's Birthday/Going Away Carnival on Saturday, June 6th from 1 to 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall of Second Baptist Church. It's sure to be a blast! So y'all come on out!

Now we are just counting down our other lasts we have. Neeley had her final piano recital. We're so proud of her! And she will have her final Girl Scouts event next week. **tear** :( and has a few more things coming up. We are still busy but not under so much stress and um...the anxiety is slowly fading. :)

Gotta run and finish up a few more things. Don't I say that every day? I'm beginning to sound like a broken record.

Oh, I have to show you a few pictures first before I go.

This is what our new house will probably look like, or something like it anyway:

I say yuck but I've been poo-pooed for saying that so I'm REALLY struggling with, no wait I mean I'm trying to be optimistic.

And I love this little girl so much, with her pink sunglasses and her blue cotton candy that she eventually had smeared from forehead to chin and ear to ear. :) This was Scout night at the Travelers game:

Y'all have a fun rest of your day/week/weekend. I may or may not have access to the internet in the next couple of days. :( I now have TONS more time to myself.

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Amber said...

Your new home is going to be such an adventure!! Just're making memories! ;)