Thursday, December 5, 2013

The taste of fortune

I love to try new products, and we get asked to do just that here at The Bowden Brigade sometimes.

I was recently contacted by Will at Fortune Cookie Creations to review a complimentary sampling of their colored and flavored fortune cookies. Now, this girl LOVES a good fortune cookie, and while I always thought those that come free with a meal at the local Hunam buffet were delicious, the yumminess that is a fortune cookie from Fortune Cookie Creations really takes the fortune cookie to a whole new level.

The flavors offered in these fortune cookies are very tasty. My favorites are the lime flavor which is the green cookie and the coconut flavor which is the yellow cookie. The texture of these fortune cookies is perfect-thin and crispy but not that over processed piece of cardboard we usually think of in a fortune cookie. These are light and delicate...and almost gone! Yep, they are that yummy! Look how cute they are in this bowl. This quickly became the centerpiece of our dinner table, and is now about empty. :) We don't do a lot of sweets around here at The Bowden Brigade, but I could break that rule with these fortune cookies from Fortune Cookie Creations.

I don't know about you, but we have quite a few family get-togethers coming up with the holidays and family celebrations. How perfect would these be as a centerpiece or as a small gift to give to guests as a take-away. Each fortune cookie includes the most perfect fortune inside. These to review included a promotional fortune.

Fortune Cookie Creations offers themed fortune cookies. I love the idea of having these at a baby shower or reception. They also offer the option to customize the cookies to your liking. What a perfect lil something special to save your celebration from being a "misfortune." :)

I would love to say that I still have a few to share with you all but you know....Mr. Bowden Brigade just snuck the last one. His fave are the chocolate. :) Head on over to the Fortune Cookie Creations website HERE to try them for yourself. Then come back here and let me know your fave color and flavor. Yum!

They're good eats!