Thursday, December 5, 2013

The taste of fortune

I love to try new products, and we get asked to do just that here at The Bowden Brigade sometimes.

I was recently contacted by Will at Fortune Cookie Creations to review a complimentary sampling of their colored and flavored fortune cookies. Now, this girl LOVES a good fortune cookie, and while I always thought those that come free with a meal at the local Hunam buffet were delicious, the yumminess that is a fortune cookie from Fortune Cookie Creations really takes the fortune cookie to a whole new level.

The flavors offered in these fortune cookies are very tasty. My favorites are the lime flavor which is the green cookie and the coconut flavor which is the yellow cookie. The texture of these fortune cookies is perfect-thin and crispy but not that over processed piece of cardboard we usually think of in a fortune cookie. These are light and delicate...and almost gone! Yep, they are that yummy! Look how cute they are in this bowl. This quickly became the centerpiece of our dinner table, and is now about empty. :) We don't do a lot of sweets around here at The Bowden Brigade, but I could break that rule with these fortune cookies from Fortune Cookie Creations.

I don't know about you, but we have quite a few family get-togethers coming up with the holidays and family celebrations. How perfect would these be as a centerpiece or as a small gift to give to guests as a take-away. Each fortune cookie includes the most perfect fortune inside. These to review included a promotional fortune.

Fortune Cookie Creations offers themed fortune cookies. I love the idea of having these at a baby shower or reception. They also offer the option to customize the cookies to your liking. What a perfect lil something special to save your celebration from being a "misfortune." :)

I would love to say that I still have a few to share with you all but you know....Mr. Bowden Brigade just snuck the last one. His fave are the chocolate. :) Head on over to the Fortune Cookie Creations website HERE to try them for yourself. Then come back here and let me know your fave color and flavor. Yum!

They're good eats!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#MeaningfulBeauty Créme de Serum

I ❤️ a good facial serum. So I was so excited to be selected by Influenster to review the #MeaningfulBeauty Créme de Serum. 

This stuff is ah-mah-zing, y'all!! 😊 I have been using it once a day per package directions for four days now and I can tell a HUGE difference in the hydration and softness of my face. Before trying it, I had been noticing dryness under my eyes which was not pleasing. Now my face is soft and the texture looks and feels so much better.This serum has solved that.  It feels like the most luxurious moisturizer ever. 

Needless to say, I will DEFINITELY be buying this. I am SOLD! Thank you, Influenster for this FREE product to try. Thankful for this little pampering. I certainly needed it!! Comment below if you have tried this!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Passing Scores

Praise the Lord! I have passed my teaching exams. 

I took the most recent one a week ago and have been a nervous wreck since then. 😜 

Whew, now I can breathe and enjoy the holidays. 

I do my student teaching next semester and am really looking forward to it. 

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers!!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Going All Girly!

What girl doesn't love to try new make-up and skincare funsies? :) I recently had the opportunity to review some of the Mia Mariu product line and LOVED it!

The lipsticks were my absolute fave! Gorgeous colors! I was able to pick some to try and really loved the combination of colors that I received. I like to layer my lippies and these really worked well together.

I chose the Mia, Tango, and Capricho colors. The Mia has become my every day color and I love to layer in the others depending on the day, my outfit, and my mood. :)

The palette had a great selection of colors and products in it. I love the coverage and feel of the eyeshadows and blush. My eyelids felt really soft with the shadows on. Bet you don't hear or say that every day! Haha!! But it just felt so good on. These colors were perfect for my skin tone which can be difficult to match due to my freckles.

I have to be careful with cleaners, astringents, scrubs, masks, and such due to skin sensitivities. I usually use Cetaphil as my daily cleaner and oil free moisturizers and foundations to keep my blemishes under control. The moisturizer that I received is the stuff, y'all! :) Botanicals are my fave! It feels so good, has been great for my sensitive skin, and smells good too! I just tried the blend of the Microdermabrasion Refinisher Cream and Thermal Activator and oh my! There is nothing like a product that creates a warming sensation on your face. I can't quite describe it. All I can say is go buy this stuff!!! It is amazing! I had tried something similar from Arbonne several years ago, and Ronnie still uses that particular product. I think I have found our new replacement for it since it is now discontinued. It is great to know there are other options out there.

I LOVE hearing of new companies and new products. I am a strong supporter of those little-known companies and products. I love to support what will hopefully become a big business. Now go check out the Mia Mariu website here!! And tell me what you buy! I wanna hear from you!! Let's spread the love here!!! And share with friends!!

And I almost forgot to take a pic but this is my every day look with these products.

I call it my **tired** mommy/wifey/student/volunteer/chauffeur/chef/maid/etc/etc/etc look. HeeHee!!

Now head on over and check out Mia Mariu!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pony Up!

Neeley had her last horse show of the year this past weekend and did a great job of getting over those jumps. :) She and El Toro (Bull) were perfect together. So proud of pur girlie for getting out there and working so hard on something she loves so much. 

Now she just rides for funsies and learning until the next show in March!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Horsey Goodness

Neeley added another horse show to her schedule so that's where we spent our day yesterday.

It was held at the Topeka Round Up Club just up the street from us. The 4 AM wake up call and the 5 AM leave time weren't as much fun as the show.

She got to ride her fave horse-Bo! We affectionately call him Honey BoBo. Haha!

Her trainer always makes sure she is as prepared as can be.

Neeley and HoneyBoBo did really well together!

Two 2nd places, One 5th place, and Reserve Champion in Equitation. So proud!!

All done!! The tacking up and taking apart is just as much work as the show itself. :)

Her ribbon collection is growing! :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Many have asked me to verify Neeley's class wins from last week's horse show. 

This was her 2ND show. She won 2 ribbons in the first show and 5 in this show. Her first show was in April. She is an English style rider, participating in Hunter classes. She is in the second division, having already participated in the first division back in April. 

Her wins in the KHJA Mane Event in August include:
7th place in the Beginner Rider Hunter over fences 18"
6th place in the second class of Beginner Rider Hunter over fences 18"
6th place in Beginner Rider Equitation over fences 18"
2nd place in Beginner Rider Hunter under saddle
4th place in Beginner Rider Equitation on the flat

Love our girl and love ol' Indy! :) 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Show time!

He's ready! Let's hope this is a lucky number for Neeley and Indy! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Love my girl!!

My mini me!!! :)

Love that she looks more and more like me everyday! She certainly acts just like me. LOL 

❤ you girlie!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacay 2013

Pics from our trip. More on the story to come later. :) As always, all photos are copyrighted and licensed.