Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paris - Day 3, Part 1 {08-19-2010}

Day 3 of our Paris trip took us by foot to the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and beyond.... First we had to have breakfast at Starbuck's so I could take my final for my class. Notice the hoodie yet again? Yep, it was chilly there. Then it was time for more sightseeing.....on to the Louvre!! Waiting in line....... Oh my word! The Louvre is amazing!! Mary Magdalene Venus de Milo After we left the Louvre, it was lunch time and we were starving, so we headed over to Le Terminus for lunch. We didn't know anything about this place, it just happened to look like a good place to eat at the time and we were very pleased with our meal. I will end this post now and add the Eiffel Tower pics to the next post to keep this from being a novel. Stay tuned!!


We took Ronnie to the airport this morning so he could go back to Never Never Land. Now I have no excuse to not get organized and gain control over this crazy household again, and today seems to be the day. I have everything all sprawled out all over the place, have turned everything upside down, and am in the process of putting the finishing touches on my ever growing to-do list. Yikes! But had to share another pic of course.

Aren't they cute? This was taken this morning before we headed to the airport. Oh, it's a sad, sad day but our final countdown now begins. Lots of exciting things in store and a VERY busy next several months. Guess that means we're back to our new normal around here. :)


Monday, August 30, 2010

4th Grade Already? Yikes!

Today was Neeley's first day of 4th grade and it is breaking a momma's heart!

I think this is the first year we have ever been able to get a family picture the first day.

Look at that big girl sitting right in the front door. Who could be so lucky? :)

(Pssst....that's her right there in the brown hoodie...)

What a cute class is this??

And what fun is it if you can't include a silly shot?

We have a unique class situation this year. Neeley was invited to participate in a multi age class this year made up of both 4th and 5th graders. And we couldn't be more excited! What an opportunity, and a great challenge! Plus, she has a ~GREAT~ teacher whom we absolutely LOVE which makes it even better!!

Though we have had a great day and an amazing past couple of weeks, tonight is a sad, sad night in our house. Ronnie leaves us again in the morning for another 3 and a half months. And my heart is very heavy! :( I know I will be busy and always have a million things to do, but we have had such a great time and have had so many travel opportunities and have had such great fun and I wish it could always be that way. But we were able to have him home for both of our birthdays and our anniversary today, so I can't complain too much.

{Lord, I pray for peace and serenity, and please let me also include grace, mercy, patience, strength, and hope in these next coming months. This momma's gonna need it! :)

~Happy Anniversary~

Happy 13 years hon! Love you mostest!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To {Someone Special}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the bestest HUBBY and DADDY a girl could ever ask for!

We you hon!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Disney Video #1

For your viewing pleasure.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paris - Day 2, Part 2 {Our Trip To Disneyland Paris} - 08-18-2010

Ok, lil miss' room is clean and we're back............
{Now, on to our regularly scheduled program of telling you about the wonderful time we had in Paris.....}
We headed on in to Frontierland to see all that we could see. We discovered a boat that we could take for a lil joy ride. All Aboard! Once we got on, the sun came out and it was PICTURE PERFECT weather out there.... Such beautiful scenery..... We had a lil fun.............. And road a few rides....... Until we finally reached Adventureland...... We walked around, this way and that..... And finally found us some food that wouldn't make us too fat..... :) After lunch, we headed for Adventure Isle...... And this is where we found Aladdin's hideout..... And behind this is where we discovered Fantasyland..... Her Royal Highness is missing her faithful servants by her side..... You can never pass up an opportunity to ride in the Tea Cups..... Then we practically tripped all over ourselves trying to get to this pretty gal..... After waiting in line for a signature and a photo, we had a lil more fun walking around and exploring. Then we found Discoveryland. Then we found our way over to Videopolis for a bite to eat and to rest our feet. After dinner, we were in for a treat. We walked out just before the big show began. And we had a great view! Then we headed on over to ride the carousel..... Then we did a lil more walking around and picture taking..... Until we came upon another parade..... Followed by a boat ride on the It's A Small World ride..... It was chilly out when we left that part of the park, so it was time to stock up on our Disneyland Paris duds..... Then we headed over to the Michael Jackson 3D show, Captain EO. By the time we got out of the show, it was dark out and the park was all lit up. Ronnie & Neeley rode one last ride before calling it a night.....