Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paris - Day 1 {08-17-2010}

Last Tuesday, we loaded up the car and headed to Paris. Yes, literally. I still can't believe I've been there. That we've been there. Crazy!! We were so happy to finally see the Paris signs. After a flat tire kind of sidetracked us on the way there, we {FINALLY} arrived at our hotel/hostel. Our room was, shall we say, {COZY} but we LOVED the character-building experience, I called it. We stayed at the Perfect Hotel & Hostel and enjoyed every second of our stay there. Once we got all checked in, we set out on foot for a little exploring..... We walked around outside the Louvre for a while, as it was just a little walk away from where we were staying..... Then we headed on over to the area with the rides..... This took us through the Garden of Tuileries.... Then we got in line to wait for the Ferris Wheel.... We had such amazing views from the Ferris Wheel..... Then Ronnie and I took a moment to relax while Neeley took advantage of the opportunity to do a little bungee jumping.... We took advantage of a little more sightseeing while it was still light outside.... And then made our way to this yummy place for dinner.... This was our forced smiles because a 45 minute wait is no fun at all! And even looking at the menu when finally seated was proving to be a challenge.... Neeley got to enjoy her {NON-ALCOHOLIC} Crushed Velvet while we waited.... And then it was time to chow down.... And enjoy the sights inside..... By this time, it was pretty late and we were beat so we headed back to our cozy lil room and called it a night. Stay tuned for the rest of our story.....

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