Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Day Fit Challenge

I'm running another Challenge just for Y-O-U!!

30 Day Fit Challenge begins on October 11th and ends on November 10th. For 30 days, you will log your nutritional intake and your exercise to the group, as well as post to encourage and motivate each other and to stay accountable. We will share recipes, workout tips, motivational and inspirational pieces, and help each other to reach our fitness goals.

Before and after measurements will be logged as well and the participant with the most loss will win a very nice prize pack of workout programs, equipment, and nutritional products.

Mark your calendars now! I will ask that you fill out a free online profile so that we can track our progress and benefit ourselves as well as each other on our fitness journeys.

I will also be announcing a 60 day challenge, a 90 day challenge, and various other 10 day challenges along the way, so stay tuned!!

If you're in for the 30 Day Challenge, go ahead and respond to this message and I'll get you on the list. Those who have asked to join the 10 day on FB, please know that we are already halfway through that Challenge but I will go ahead and put you in line for the next one. You just let me know if you prefer the 10, 30, 60, or 90 day and I'll put you on the list.

Thanks so much! I LOVE helping others to realize their physical fitness!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I ♥ Fitness Quotes!

They do provide a daily kick in the pants sort of motivation, don't they? ;) And we could all use a lil push and a shove involving our workouts every once in a while. I know I am just as guilty as the next person. But.......the secret is to never give up and to keep getting back up and out there and stay active. Keep the inspiration, motivation and encouragement going. Find someone to be your biggest cheerleader in order to realize your fitness goals. Need help with that? Message me!

The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results. - Anthony Robbins

Let TODAY be THE DAY that you take control of your health, fitness and nutrition by finding something that inspires, encourages and motivates you and GO FOR IT!!

For more fitness quotes and daily tips, a great site to visit can be found HERE!

Here is a quick list of tips to help you stay organized and on the right track towards becoming a happier, healthier you!

~ Keep a food journal

~ Find a workout buddy, even if your workouts consist of a very slow stroll around the block.

~ Drink your water!!!

~ Stay connected! Find a support group, hook up with a Challenge group on Facebook or other social media sites. I am constantly running Challenges and would to have you join one of mine.

~ Log your nutrition intake on a site like myfitnesspal or the Beachbody site.

~ Find a meal plan that works for you!

~ Find a workout program that works for you, even if it is a hybrid mish-mosh of various programs like mine is. :)

~ MOST OF All - HAVE FUN!! You are on your fitness journey for yourself, first and foremost, as well as those you love and surround yourself with (friends and family). Do this for yourself and those you are close to.

~ REMEMBER - there's NO turning back!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Her Social Network

Have you discovered Her Social Network yet?


I am still very new to the site but I am really enjoying another way to connect with so many positive giving people. Head on over and Friend me

I'll see you there!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A-Journalin' We Will Go

It's no secret that I am constantly looking for inspiration and ideas everywhere I look. I LOVE looking for products and designs that fit our family and our lifestyle, no matter if it's a ziploc bag or a piece of furniture. :)

Our newest adventure is journaling. Well....I shouldn't really say newest, maybe it is just one of greater importance to us right now. With this move, I have done everything but stand on my head to make sure we are better organized and can actually smile through the mounds of boxes and chaos. And I have been writing down every.little.bitty.detail. :)

Neeley has taken up this love as well and has been journaling our progress through the move, from the day we found out our next location, to packing up our household goods, to shipping the car, etc. It's very therapeutic for her I think. And for me too. :)

I've noticed that I've taken up journaling and even handwriting more. I've been sending out lots of thank you notes and notes for my businesses and notes to Neeley's teachers and I'm finding great joy in handwriting each and every one of them.

Is it just me? Do you journal? Do you take pride in handwriting when you can? And I don't mean the scribble-scratch of your daily to-do list either!

Stay tuned for some excerpts from past journals to be revealed. Oh my! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Got Organization?

I harp on organization and calendars and files and to-do lists all the time. But they WORK for me! And we all have {or should have} our own system that we have found that works for us, so hopefully you have found something that works for you too.

I wrote a fun lil post titled
"Got Organization" over on my health & fitness blog today. Check it out!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just A Bit Of Moving Advice

Whew! Glad that's over! Our household goods have been packed up and are somewhere along the route headed for Fort Riley, Kansas. Yahoo! I will have to post pics soon of what our place looks like now. {Imagine barren....with government temp furniture}

I was asked to make a few videos of tips I used to help make this move easier and prepare them for the RealMilitaryWivestv network. I have had a lot of fun in creating each one of them. One I did on how to pack things you don't even want your movers touching without them knowing it (lol), another I posted shared the exact contents of my big ol' family management binder and how to use it for personal benefit during a move. They are too fun to watch and can be found over on my Youtube channel.

Neeley is LOVING 6th grade and really doing well. That is the best move we could have ever made for her.

Isn't she cute? And I think it was too early for Anna in this pic. :) This was Friday before school. I've been trying to take a pic of her every morning and make a project with them at the end of the year.

We are headed out here in a bit for some family fun. We found a local outlet mall here that we are excited to see. Outlet City Metzingen has been highly recommended to us so we're going to go over and check it out today while we have some time off. We have some fun planned for next weekend too, and I'll share more on that later.

And, last but not least, THANK YOU all for your sweet comments, letters, messages, phone calls, and prayers. My grandmother is in a much better place now, but it is still very difficult to accept that we never got to see her all this time. Her obituary can be found HERE.

Ok, we're outta here for a lil family fun. Stay tuned!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Fun Lil Trip To.....Well, Tripsdrill, For Goodness Sake!

We really do have some fun family getaway places here in Germany. These Germans sure do know how to do it up right and have a good time. We teamed up with another family here last weekend and met up at another one of our theme parks here.

Tripsdrill Erlebnispark is home to some wild rides, amazing roller coasters, and beautiful scenery.

It was so nice to spend the day with good friends. We realize that our times of fun and adventure here in Germany are very shortly coming to an end. So, we made the most of the day and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!

He can call the Hogs from anywhere!!! ;)

Giggles & grins all around! :)

All this and a picnic lunch certainly made it a day to remember!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I ♥ Cookbooks!!

It's no secret that I LOVE a new cookbook! How 'bout you??

I got in my FREE Thin Kitchen Cookbook from Beachbody the other day and I swear I am using it every single day! I did a post on it over on my health and fitness blog.
Here is the link! Head on over and check it out!!