Thursday, September 22, 2011

A-Journalin' We Will Go

It's no secret that I am constantly looking for inspiration and ideas everywhere I look. I LOVE looking for products and designs that fit our family and our lifestyle, no matter if it's a ziploc bag or a piece of furniture. :)

Our newest adventure is journaling. Well....I shouldn't really say newest, maybe it is just one of greater importance to us right now. With this move, I have done everything but stand on my head to make sure we are better organized and can actually smile through the mounds of boxes and chaos. And I have been writing down every.little.bitty.detail. :)

Neeley has taken up this love as well and has been journaling our progress through the move, from the day we found out our next location, to packing up our household goods, to shipping the car, etc. It's very therapeutic for her I think. And for me too. :)

I've noticed that I've taken up journaling and even handwriting more. I've been sending out lots of thank you notes and notes for my businesses and notes to Neeley's teachers and I'm finding great joy in handwriting each and every one of them.

Is it just me? Do you journal? Do you take pride in handwriting when you can? And I don't mean the scribble-scratch of your daily to-do list either!

Stay tuned for some excerpts from past journals to be revealed. Oh my! :)

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PSMU said...

Journaling! Sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing what you post...