Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why Do The Weekends Go By So Fast?

This is what keeps me going a lot of times... :)

And that's just because I spend my "free" time these days doing things like this:
Getting ready for one massive garage sale - YUCK!

Apparently after our military vet visit, there are a million and one papers that have to be sent off to the USDA Office to finalize that our poor little doggie is in fact disease free and microchipped and won't send the whole country in a frenzy. So here's what I spent the last 30 minutes doing. More YUCK! :)

Ronnie left for the long trek to Colorado this morning. He will be in his 7 week long course to learn all about his job he will have in Germany. While we are excited that this puts us one step closer to getting on that plane headed overseas, it is always a somewhat sad and stressful time to have to say goodbye. We try to make the most of our goodbyes and see ya laters. :)

After eating a quick lunch of leftovers at home, Neeley and I are heading for a trip to Hot Springs for some much needed tennis shoe shopping and Neeley has been requesting to see Madea Goes To Jail. Should be fun!

Tonight I will finish our newest fave read...had to buy it since we are so addicted to the show.

Tomorrow will be just as busy for us so have a good weekend, y'all! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Whew...What A Day!!

This morning came WAY too early for us. We had to go to the Air Force Base to take care of quite a few things for our upcoming move and had to be on the road at 7:15. Yes, that's right! 7:15! We got on the road this morning and headed on over. Neeley and I had to apply for our official government passports. We already have our tourist passports but had to submit our paperwork and pictures for our no-fee passports. What a pain! And I tried to renew my ID but apparently can't do that until September. We also had an appointment with the military vet to see our little Anna Banana and take care of her exam paperwork and microchip and all that fun stuff.

Here are some pics from our trip to the base:

Smile...yes, these are forced smiles since it's 7:15 in the morning...

We thought we might have to get a Visitor's Pass to get on base so Ronnie headed in to the Visitor's Center first thing...

We got to see some really cool things while there:

(Yes, I realize this first picture is blurry. Ronnie wouldn't slow down long enough for me to take a picture. He thought I was crazy for documenting this. What do men know? LOL)

And then it was off to eat at one of our fave places, P.F. Chang's. After that, we did a little shopping at Old Navy. Then it was time to head home.

Here is Little Miss playing her Nintendo DS and reading her new books from Books-A-Million. She got to use her gift card today too. :)

We had a great day!


On another note, Ronnie and I were outside yesterday on my lunch break and snapped a couple of shots of this beautiful Tulip tree in our front yard.

And then just because he hates to have his picture taken, here's one of my cutie patootie hubby.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This crazy, busy life...

We were talking last night about what all we wanted to include in our family blog. We have so many friends and family out there who are always asking about us and emailing/calling us, and with the time difference we will have in Germany, we felt a blog might be our best option.

Here's a little background:

Most of you know we have been with the Army for a little over 12 years now. And Uncle Sam has definitely sent us to some great places. We LOVED Hawaii! And we are secretly hoping to be back in San Antonio some day. We are so thankful for our 6 plus years in Arkadelphia so far. I'm not so thankful for the 10 month deployment to Iraq but that came and went very quickly. Now we look back on it and it seems unreal that he is really still supposed to be there! We were very excited to find out around Christmas time that we will be moving to Stuttgart, Germany. Ronnie will leave in early May and Neeley and I will fly out around mid June. WE ARE SO VERY EXCITED! Oh.My.Gosh! I seriously cannot even begin to describe to you our mixture of emotions. We talk about this every day. We are excited but also very anxious apprehensive, and I must admit even a little bit scared. But what better way to get to see those part of the world than on Uncle Sam's dime. We hope to be able to document every move we make with this blog. Come back often for fabulous pictures of our adventures in getting everything done to get to Germany as well as our adventures when in country.

Tomorrow we get to make the lovely trek to the Air Force Base to update my id, get our no fee passports, take our sweet little Anna Banana in for her exam, and hopefully grab a yummy lunch at The Purple Cow. Believe it or not, we all three love this place. :) Will let you know how that goes. We have to get up bright and early in the morning. Our first appointment is at 10 am and I am not looking forward to that part.
That's all for now!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And Our Journey Begins...

Well, here we are at last. Thought we'd join the bloggy world like everyone else to help capture our lives at the mercy of Uncle Sam. Join us as we take this journey. Our first stop is Stuttgart, Germany. So excited, anxious, emotional, stressed, glad, happy, mad, sad...and well everything in between too. We each have so much to say but really can't even begin to put it in to words for now.

Our tasks today included:
Creating our family blog name

Making our take/don't take to Germany list
Adding more things to our mountainous sale pile (pics to come soon!)
And...let's see...what else... hhmmm??????

Stay tuned as our story continues...