Wednesday, May 20, 2009


A little later today, we will no longer be the proud owners of a 2009 Ford Fusion! Thank you, Lord, for listening to all of my begging/ pleading/ threatening/ compromising/ downright angry and sometimes cynical prayers lately. Oh happy day!

Now our current living situation...not so happy. I wake up every morning to arms and legs in my face. But it's only temporary. We fly outta here in 21 days! We now leave on the 10th. Wow!

I know, I know...I still have a ton of stuff to catch you all up on however I now share a home computer with 3 other people and I barely have any time to breathe at work so that will just have to wait. And for that I'm sorry. I know this has been such a blast to hear me rant/vent about this crazy life we have but it really is an outlet.

Now where was that part about my hubby participating in this little online adventure, too!?! Yeah right...

Y'all have a great day!


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

yay for selling your car. Did you sell your house too???

Amber said...

Hooray for selling the car!!!!!!!!!

21 Days? Really? Oh my gosh. All happening so fast.

Mike and Elaine said...

Good deal on selling the car! Now if you can just get rid of the house, all will be well.
How do we get to Ronnie's pics on facebook - would love to see them???????????
Life will soon be back to normal - whatever that is. Enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend!