Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to all of you! :) And can I say.....T.G.I.F.!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a week!

I scratched the plans to meet with the cleaning lady yesterday evening and seeing as how I have so much free time on my hands this weekend that I mentioned yesterday, I thought it would not be right to spend my "me" time alone so I am spending my "me" time cleaning my house. What? Yeah, our pocketbook thanks me and I need the exercise and some time alone and back in my own comfort zone even if it is empty. I just need a little break and even though it won't be a true get away per se, it will be my own little escape. That and cleaning is a huge dose of therapy to me. So that's where I will be spending my next 3 days. Hopefully it won't take that long but that's okay.

I looked at the calendar this morning and realized I only have 7 more work days after today. Yahoo! Y'all have a great weekend! I'll be fighting once again for a computer this weekend so probably won't hear from me til next week.

Bye for now!

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