Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

It's almost Turkey Day! And we are finally gearing up for it at our house. We are hosting at least one family with a baby and at least one other single soldier so we'll have plenty to eat and good company.

We now have the menu set and all is well that way. But you know me being the everything has to be perfect even if it is planned at the last minute kind of girl...

I need your ideas for a cheap/creative tablescape. Since our table isn't my favorite, I want to do it up right...yes, even though I know these people won't care. :) It's more about good company and not having to spend the holidays alone...but has to be cute too, right!?! :)

So send me your ideas or a website if you have any. I have been doing some thinking but my access to crafty goodness is next to nil here so I'm having to get kind of creative in what I can get to use.

Thank you! I hope you are getting as excited as I am! Yay for turkey!

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