Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

This book gets an A+ from me...

We have always loved Max Lucado's books. And I so needed this dose of inspiration today. Fear...what a topic! I love the many examples of fear featured in this book. Being a mother and wife myself, those examples involving family or children really touched me the most.

Fear can lead to sin, as stated in the book, but with God's forgiveness, we are not abandoned. I LOVE how the main focus was to focus on today and let God be enough. Such strong words!

Faith equals feeling at peace, feed your faith and your fears will starve. What fears cripple you? Money? Death? Relationships? Economy? Jobs? Why live life always expecting the worst? Wow! I am such a worry-wart and I really needed this lesson today.

One example in the book said "Order life like coffee...tall, extra-hot cup of adventure, cut the dangers, with two shots of good health." I also love the analogy to battle fear with Peacefulness... P=pray, first; E=easy, now; A=act on it; C=compile a worry list; E=evaluate your worry categories; F=focus on today; U=unleash a worry army; L=let God be enough!

Imagine your life without fear...believe in yourself, don't let your worries and fears live your life for you. Life is too short for that!

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This is a Thomas Nelson book review... :)

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Ruth in the Desert said...

I reviewed this book too. Amen to living fearlessly!