Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Medusa Look

This is apparently how you get "curly" hair when you are 8 years old

Neeley is blessed with the most beautiful hair that has a bit of a natural wave to it. I LOVE it and am jealous of it admittedly. LOL

But.........this is all the rage right now with about 15 little girls here. They all do this to their hair, wash it at night, leave it wet, and sleep in braids at night, to wake up the next morning to the crimped look. I forgot to take an after picture of Neeley, but because of the natural body her hair has, she gets a nice bouffant look to her. She's learning her own style and I'm good with that as long as it is a healthy choice and not anything that is dangerous. :)

I just had to show this. This picture was Wednesday night to wear curly to school on Thursday and it stayed full and curly for a few days. She has no idea what good hair she has. LOL

P.S. - I cannot wait to tell you and show you all that we got to do yesterday on our day off. Neeley's school is out this week for teacher work days and Parent Teacher Conferences and we have been thankful to have some days off with Ronnie. Tune in for more info at a later date... :)

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