Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stuttgart's First Band

We happened upon quite a celebration when we were downtown last week. And I so wish I knew more of the German language so we would have known what in the world was going on . . .

We were able to read that this is the Stuttgart First Band. We have no idea what that means or who these people are but they paraded around the area when we were ice skating last week and it turned in to quite a party. They played lots of songs we recognized, and then one of the little local pub owners brought out drinks for them all (and oh my little guys Neeley's age were taking shots right along with them) and they had a great time playing and parading around and we enjoyed watching them and listening to the music.

They were marched in behind some type of beauty queen or something of the sort. She is in that last picture above. I tried to read her sash but it was covered up by her coat.

Look at those costumes/uniforms!! And those hats! Wow! That really was an experience all its' own. The locals were out in the streets just dancing and having a great time.

I am so thankful that Neeley is getting to see and do these things too. It is times like this that really do lift my spirits and make me glad that we are living here and able to experience a different culture.

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Amber said...

It really is a blessing. I love that I was able to experience different cultures as a child...Neeley is TRULY benefiting.

But what the heck????!!!!