Monday, November 16, 2009

Days Like This

We were so thankful to have some down time last week. Those few days off allow us such a time of relief from all schedules, extras, and just give us some time to breathe.

I did have to go to Neeley's Parent-Teacher Conference on Thursday morning. She is passing with flying colors too. LOVE that! And have I mentioned she has been picked up for G/T!?!?!?!? Woohoo! Don't mean to brag, but we mommies do that sometimes. :)

There at the conference I found out that her teacher has been allowed special permission for the kids to chew gum in class. Hhmmm...I kind of like the idea. I always let the middle schoolers chew gum when I am subbing. Wait...maybe I shouldn't publish that last comment. LOL But I just find that it does help them get in to less trouble basically. And apparently Neeley's teacher thinks the same thing and has allowed them to bring in sugar-free gum to chew. They are allowed 2 pieces a day and we are to send 2 packs at a time to school. Wow! Neeley thinks that's really cool! :)

We also had some time to hang out with some good friends over the break. We had a cookout and then while the menfolk were at work, we ladies and kiddos got together for some games and good food and good ol' fashioned woman gossip...I mean talk. :) It is very good for the soul to get together and just share our lives. Some have kids Neeley's age, one has a brand new baby, and others are newlyweds, so we are all at different stages in life. But......we do enjoy each other's company and better yet, we LOVE a good cup of coffee, and we have a similar love of board games and puzzles and books and the list goes on and on. Let's just say I always walk away from those times feeling even just the slightest bit renewed and rejuvenated and a wee bit happier.

Better end here and get some cleaning done. But I leave you with this...

We are very quickly saying goodbye to the beautiful leaves and the nice weather. We have already drifted in to the cold, rainy, wet, cloudy, drizzly, misty, dreary, yucky German winter. And we don't embrace it like some do, but we're making the most of it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the leaves and taking pictures this time of year. This pose was all Neeley's idea. We were walking home from the CX (our combined Commissary/PX/Furniture Shop here on post) one day and passed these leaves and just couldn't help ourselves.

More to come soon . . .

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Amber said...

Special permission to chew gum in class.

I would have LOVED to have set in on that discussion with the board.

A big congratulations to Neeley!!!