Monday, November 16, 2009

Meet Kimmy

Today we made a new friend.

Meet Kimmy, the new Bowden varmint. Neeley has been begging FOREVER for a hamster. She even asked for a mouse or even a rat a time or two. I am usually so dead set against little pesky critters that have to stay in a cage and make a lot of noise and I just don't get all the hype, never have and probably never will.

But anyway, this girl has just about worn off my ears with the begging and begging. And one of her new friends here has the cutest little hamster named Kimo. And he is a cutie! But not cute enough to bring home.

Well, the other day we had some free time so we took a little trip to a local place here called Kolle Zoo. It's really just a big ol' fancy-schmancy pet store but they have everything under the sun. It really was a very neat place to just look around and see what they have. They also have another place next to it called Flanzen Kolle, which was the biggest plant store you will ever know.

So this is where we met Kimmy. I have to admit she is cute but I didn't quite think she was cute enough to bring home. :) We were pleading with Neeley for what seemed like hours to consider the cost of the pesky little critter and all her stuff to make her house a home. LOL After much consideration and what may end up being empty promises on her part, we boxed up little Kimmy and brought her and some fun stuff for her on home with us. I think Ronnie was more for this than I was, but I have to say I have spent plenty of time with her myself and I guess she can stay. :)

Have I told y'all I am officially finished with my fall semester? Yay! Yep, ended Saturday. And I can't believe I am saying this, but at this crazy early hour I am actually up and getting ready and actually hoping they will call me to sub. Call me crazy, I know, but I have had the past several days off with Neeley and have had some time to just veg at home and now since I really don't have anything going on this week, it would be nice to make a lil cash. Will let you know how that goes this week. I have heard they may have some long term assignments coming up soon so we'll see...

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Kendra said...

I love hamsters! I had 5 growing up and I actually had to take care of their cages and change them. You'll love having them as pets, even if they are a distant cousin to the rat.