Monday, November 30, 2009

School Update

I have had the very fortunate opportunity to work with some very special students in our middle school lately. These kiddos need just a little extra help in some of their classes and sometimes need a quiet room all to themselves to help them get their class work completed.

My task for the past several days has been to help these students in their classes and to schedule private one-on-one time with them during school hours to help them on their classroom assignments and projects. And, y'all, these are the sweetest kids but they test me in every way possible.

But wanna know what I have learned through all of this? I have decided once I have finished my master's, I am going to try to use grant money to finish my education certification hours and then teach.

**Gasp** Did I just say that?

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Amber said...


That is awesome, Ashley! It is a truly rewarding (although often trying on the patience!) profession!!