Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Day's Worth Of Ramblings

Good day to you all!
Have any of you ever participated in online surveys? I happened upon a post a while back listing several sites that offered money and merchandise for filling out surveys, but now I am to the point that I could sit at this stinkin' computer 24/7 and still need 8 more days in my week just to fill them out. I'm not sure if this annoyance is worth it or not...well I did like receiving that first check even if it was small. :)
Things are going good here. We're getting used to our back-to-school routine and struggling a little bit but it is so worth it! So far we are doing just fine. Neeley is having a grand time in her class. I think it's really going to be a GREAT year. All that worrying for nothing!
I gave up reading the Angels & Demons. Way too much thinkin' for me. Any other suggestions for a good, light read? Please send them my way.
Have you ever made your own laundry detergent or all-purpose cleaner or any other household product? I have seriously considered it for some time now but Neeley has eczema and I'm downright scared about it.
Well, that's enough nonsense for today. Catch ya later!


Jennifer said...

I just read about some homemade beauty products on this site:
Hope you find it helpful!

Kendra said...

I guess you're stuck with European laundry soaps, and they all smelled like lilacs and roses. We use Tide free, which won't help you there. But Zyrtec and Vaseline helps Sam's eczema.

As for books, what do you like to read? I've got a couple of fave series, but they involve vampires, demons, the supernatural, mysteries, and aren't exactly G-rated but neither are they XXX!