Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Thoughts

Lovin' this Monday! It's only 8:55 am here and I've already been up for 2.5 hours and walked/ran for 1.5 of that. :)

Another wife from the unit and I have made this pact to each other to keep us motivated. I just can't (er...maybe won't is a better word) do this by myself. I loathe exercising but I love the feeling afterwards. So we walked and ran all over post this morning. The weather feels fabulous. It's getting cooler here and the sun was out and it was just a great morning to get out and exercise. We are doing this at 7 am every day this week and then we will move it to 8 am beginning next week when our kiddos start school. Yay!

Since Ronnie's gone, I've got a cabbage casserole mixture in the crock pot for Neeley and I. He hates it but she begs for it! Yum!

Before I forget, I wanted to give a shout out to Ireland and the UK. It seems like I have a few return visitors from those two places according to my stat counter, so Hi and thank you for keeping up with us. I would love to meet everyone we come in contact with over the internet. That makes me wonder, how far away are your friends? Do you have any from those countries or other countries that you keep in touch with?

You know me and always "trying" to be organized . . . I have come across some really great websites for those of us with kiddos in school. Love these!



Go check them out for yourself. And let me know if you have others. I'm always fishin' for new ideas!

Well, I'm gonna keep my tennies on for the rest for the rest of the day and try to be as productive as possible today and the rest of this week. We have exactly one week until school starts and with it also comes soccer and Girl Scouts and my own schooling and tons of fun so I'm trying to have a plan and a place for everything before that time comes.

Y'all have a great Monday!

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