Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Randomness...Just Because It's Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! :)

I know quite a few of our friends are already in school but we still have two weeks off, therefore, I still have no set schedule. Kind of unnerving for a control freak...

In the meantime, we're still spending lots of time at the library, I am trying to find ways to motivate myself to get back in the gym, and I am getting ready to start playing bunco again. Yay! I so miss our friends and adult time. :) I am also joining a ladies book club in September. And received my "official" invitation to join the Protestant Women of the Church group, beginning in September. Ecstatic!

I am also neck deep in trying to get everything together for grad school. I'm accepted and registered, and have ordered my books...that's been the hard part. No one wants to ship to us "way over there" as one company told me. So I FINALLY have them all ordered and on their way. My school starts September 12th, what I affectionately call Dooms Day. I'm not sure how being a full time student will work for me again but apparently I'm going to do this.

I've also been doing lots of meal planning...FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! I never, never, never do this stuff. But I really am trying to be organized and less stressed and crazy. And I think I've been doing more of things like this just because I have literally no idea how Neeley's school year is going to play out since I know nothing much about the school and the DoD system. I think it's my own personal way of just trying to brace ourselves for what's to come.

Neeley starts soccer next week. Wait...rewind...did I just say soccer? Oh, yes I did! I'm not sure what's gotten in to her either. We have begged her for 3 years now to just try soccer but it finally clicked this year. That, and she wants to try guitar lessons. But first I have to figure out how to get my hands on a cheap used guitar that an 8 year old might tear up because I'm sure that's what will happen.

I'm still waiting to take my drivers test. Now that's a whole 'nother story! I was FINALLY going to be able to go sit for the class next week, but once again our schedule is turned upside down. See, the male figure in the Bowden Brigade gets to take a fun trip to Normandy for the anniversary of some big event. Hhmmm....wonder what that is. :) While lil miss and I get to stay home, because apparently when they schedule "mandatory fun" as they call it, the families aren't always involved. So I've been pouting for a while now. I just don't see that as fair, but I'm used to it after 12 years of this nonsense.

Better run and get ready. We have some birthdays coming up next week and I've got to finish my shopping for the Mr. :) I've been receiving hints here and there for a while now, so I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Will let you know how that goes...

Tune in tomorrow for the next episode in our saga...

Love you all!

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