Thursday, August 20, 2009

Riding the Wave...

...Heat wave that is. We are apparently in our "summer" right this very week and it is miserable. This miserable is different from an Arkansas miserable but it has kept me from doing my regular run/walk outside like I have been wanting to do. It even made me think about going to the gym instead, but in place of that I am sitting here updating you all and drinking my coffee in my jammies after breakfast. :) Today is supposed to be one of our hottest days yet and if it is anything at all like the past 2 or 3 days or even worse, we're all going to be running around in next to nothing trying to survive. Gotta love this no air conditioning living... :)

Have you all seen this movie yet?

If you haven't, be sure you take a heart pill beforehand. Just kidding, but my word! I've never seen so much action. I don't generally go for this type of flick. I like chick flicks, comedies, those feel good movies that just leave you laughing and happy and don't really require any thinking to get through the movie. It should be for fun, right, and not get you so worked up. We went the other evening and took another couple with us who don't have their car here yet. We really enjoyed ourselves. Patch has a movie theater that we try to take advantage of when we can. It's fairly inexpensive and they show pretty decent movies.

We found out Ronnie will be gone back to the states for a class in March and April so that's always interesting...will have to survive this European livin' all by myself for a month. Time to pull up the big girl pants...

My other challenge to overcome today: I am having the hardest time getting one of my school books ordered. Several companies will not ship to APO addresses and these classes start soon. I think I can order it directly from the bookstore but I may have to sacrifice Neeley in order to pay for it that way and hope it gets here before my classes start.

I'm off to get the day started. I really must do some kind of exercise today. I'm sore from yesterday but have to stay motivated. Neeley is behind one of the other buildings close to us cleaning up their "clubhouse." The teenagers come along late at night and vandalize quite a few things (another lovely thing about living on post) and she apparently takes it as a threat, so that girl got up, ate, and got herself ready and was out the door at 8 am just to go over there and fix their clubhouse again. It's just a bunch of stuff they found when they went dumpster diving around post and they have gathered this junk in a group of trees behind another building. :) I don't mind it much at all. It's just good...but not so They make mud and stuff, which is all well and good, as long as they "find" a water hose too. I just threatened them to leave hazardous stuff in the dumpsters. Note to self: must take pictures of this lil set-up they have to show you. It really is a hoot!

Y'all have a good day! And try to stay cool! And give your babies loves from us!


Kendra said...

Okay Ashley. I loaded up your background. Hope you like it! If you hate it or need changes, let me know. I do want a clearer picture of your family to put there, but in the mean time it'll do. I only made one personal change, if you don't mind. It's very hard to leave a comment on your blog. Embedded comments are wonky, for some reason. I changed it to pop up window, and it's much easier IMHO. I hope you like this!

Kendra said...

Oh, and I had some issues. I tried to make it wider, but the scale was getting off on the header. Sorry!