Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh You Miserable Rainy Tuesday

Just when I am up with my tennies on on the second day of getting up early to exercise my behind, I wake up to tornado-like weather. Oh joy! That's okay. My exercise buddy and I met outside anyway right before the storm hit, and walked for a bit and chatted and it was good for my soul! :) So I just finished an inside Wii Fit routine that wasn't too shabby. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

I have started using Sparkpeople again. If you haven't tried this yet, I recommend it. I love it! It really helps me...well, when I use it anyway. It counts that I at least think about it, right? The experts lied to me yesterday and told me I was way over on my calories and carbs for the day. Oh wait, did I say they lied? Maybe it was that ice cream sandwich and those darn candy corn! Humph!

I received an email from Neeley's new principal about our upcoming activities. Our New Student Orientation is Thursday morning, school starts Monday, and her Open House is coming up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they do their Open House after school starts. What!?! I just don't know. But we are thrilled for school to start on Monday.

Did I mention the fabulous Community Fair we went to this weekend? It was that organizational fair for us to see all of the organizations and fun that can be had here in our community. Oh man, what did I sign up for again? LOL I am now an official member of the Stuttgart Community Spouses Club . . . and I think somewhere in the conversation I agreed to design a newsletter. Blame it on the lack of coffee and the cake with blue icing there at the event for breakfast. Ronnie quickly reminded me that I made a promise to myself and my family that I wouldn't volunteer for much here. I came here with the plan to finish my masters, and just be with my family as much as possible and to just work on us. And well . . . did I ruin that? I guess we'll just have to wait and see about that one too.

Neeley is now a part of Girl Scout Troop 194 here on RB! Woo hoo for FINALLY receiving that information. It took getting to that fair to talk to someone. Boo on that! Now I need to find out what their uniform requirements are and make a mad purchase from the website. I'm not too sure we have the luxury of the GS store here in Stuttgart. Oh but I did hear we have a Gummy Bear store.

And I'll have to save that for another post. Oh My Goodness!

Good day y'all!

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