Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh No!

Well, as you can see my layout has changed. And well...I don't like it. I haven't ventured out yet to have someone design one for me but that's my next step. I am no good at this nor do I enjoy it. It has now taken 3.5 hours to fix the mess. :( Why do we do this to ourselves? Do any of you have any good recommendations? I really want something Germany-related on here but yeah, well I'm not the gal to do it. LOL

It's another survey time . . . for those of you with kids...

How do you handle chores around your house with your kiddos? Do you use a chore chart? Reward system? Any ideas please? Mine does nothing without bribery...and REALLY? She's 8 y.o. and it is getting old quickly. We pretty much never have a good day that doesn't end in a fight. Your help, please...


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Kendra said...

Girl, you want a patriotic-themed webpage? I can make you a cute one, free, if you want. Nothing too fancy. I've got several digital patriotic kits I can tweak. Oh, nevermind. I see you want Germany themed. That's a bit out of my league. But, if you want red, white, and blue, I'm your girl!

As for chores, we're not there yet, but when the time comes we know what we're doing. There are set things that I expect my kids to do: pick up toys, clean their room, make their beds, etc. that they must do. No ifs, ands, or buts. If they are interested in earning money, they they must work for the allowance. And they must perform the chore well or no dough. If we pay them to do every teeny tiny little thing, then what kind of work ethic are we teaching them? We all have responsibilities which we must fulfil, regardless of what we get out of it. Has military-man dad not been militant enough?