Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My relaxation techniques...

Whew what a week already! Blah... :( I, too, am kind of in another funk these days. Why can't it be nice and sunny and warm on the weekends for my enjoyment? Why does it have to be cold and rain all the time? Even a cute new hairdo hasn't brought about any new happiness. (But I do promise to post pics and updates soon.) :) Don't tell me it's this Arkansas weather...that part I won't miss. Well, actually I just might. I hear winter in Germany is brutal. Oh no...and it's almost April which means we are closer to getting there. Yikes!

Last night I took time out for a pamper me session. I DESPERATELY needed one. Yes, desperately. So I made the homemade sugar scrub I've read so much about. Yep, 4 cups of pure cane sugar to one cup of olive oil. Mix it up in a bowl or a cute jar if you are feeling all Martha Stewart-y. Take the hottest bath you can get sans kids...yes I said sans kids...I locked myself in the bathroom. I just didn't feel good and needed to do something for myself. I NEVER do that! Use the scrub wherever you choose. I hear it's even good for your face but I wasn't that brave. And it was pure heaven in a bowl I must say. I was in there for an hour! :) And I enjoyed every minute of it. I highly recommend it to all of you.

Now I'm trying to be my old self again and this week isn't as crazy busy as the past few so hopefully that will help to cheer us all up.

Have a great rest of your week!


Jennifer said...

That scrub sounds cool. Did it smell good? Hope you get out of the blahs and have a great week!

Amber said...

Sugar is always good.

I would have ate something sugary, too...just for therapy's sake.

Kendra said...

Baths work wonders. I want one, but we have those awful huge garden tubs. Takes too much water to fill up, too hard to clean. Glad you enjoyed it!

I'm with Amber. Cadbury mini eggs with a Dr. Pepper while doing the sugar scrub. That's perfect!