Friday, September 11, 2009

Somber Thoughts On 9/11

It has taken me a few years to even think and talk about how I feel about 9/11. In 2001, I had a brand new baby, had just gone back to work, and bam! Was faced with these horrible thoughts, seeing as how we were a military family. I remember I was so upset I had to leave work after talking to Ronnie on the phone that morning. Of course, I was grilling him with a hundred questions. Where was he going? When was he going? What was happening? Were we all going to die? Was this the end of the world?

As it turns out, he did not have to go anywhere and really wasn't affected in any way, but was able to continue with his normal duty. But still . . . I was terrified and instantly saw myself as a single mom, widowed at 24.

I can still remember that moment like it was just yesterday. Wow!

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