Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Fun

...Or maybe not so much fun... :)

Today is my last day of work and Neeley's last day of school. Her principal started crying this morning when she was helping her out of the vehicle. I had to shed my first move-related tears. Very bittersweet!

I also learned today that my plans of being proactive with the party on Saturday and getting in there on Friday to get it all ready are no longer due to a wedding in the same place Friday night. So now I get to get up at 6 am on Saturday to do all the decorating and getting ready. So.Not.Fun! :( So if I have even bigger bags under my eyes and a large Andy's coffee in my hand during the party please don't think anything of it.

And before I forget, our other email addresses won't work after today so please use this one for our family email: We LOVE receiving email! :)

And that's our day. Working and a little later we will play. Neeley has an "American Idol" bday party to go to tonight. So fun! They are supposed to dress up and they will sit and have dinner and then the entertainment begins.

Will share more on this later!

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Mike and Elaine said...

Wow, it must be nice not to have to work for a living! A much deserved rest will be yours as soon as you get through the birthday/farewell party, the Dallas airport, and then into your quarters in Germany. I'm sure ya'll are looking forward to that! This Bowden bunch, along with great-grandma Brown and Micah are looking foward to the festivities on Saturday. Get a good book, lay down, and get some rest before then so you can enjoy too. Love you!