Saturday, June 13, 2009

Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany!

What time is it? Where am I? Is it time for dinner or breakfast or an in-between snack? Am I supposed to be asleep now?

Oh wait...I was just thinking out loud. :)

Yes, we are here. Alive and well, well almost I suppose. Our flight was disastrous! So many hangups getting out of Little Rock; bad weather in Atlanta diverting us to Birmingham, Alabama; miss our flight out of Atlanta by two hours; 10 minutes to make a decision to fly to Paris, France or spend 24 hours in the Atlanta airport to fly out again the next day. Let's just say Neeley and I elected to just go to Paris. I boo-hooed the whole way. Note to self-never fly when tired...or with a dog...or with a 7-year-old who has never flown before...or ever again for that matter. LOL Really, I'm just kidding but O.M.G.!

Today is the first day Neeley and I have been so exhausted. Today is Ronnie's first day to work while we have been here so Neeley and I are sitting in the post library reading and catching up on the computer. The weather is cool and breezy here. Only in the low 70's during the day and very chilly at night. Everyone is super friendly and helpful here, even the locals which has made it very pleasant so far. We are staying in a hotel since our housing won't be ready for about another week or so. We are slowly but surely learning our way around this place. Neeley and I hopped our first bus today to get from each post to do different things on each. You know that's brave for me. I'm terrified of this public transit system! But good news...I learned it's only a 1.5 hour flight to Paris or via train it's only 5 hours! :) Our car is here but I haven't taken my driving test yet so I can't drive until I do that which is fine with me for now!

We got to attend our first Hail & Farewell for Ronnie's unit last night and Neeley has already met the cutest little girl named Jordan and they have become the best of friends! She will also be in the third grade this next year which we are excited about. She will just be attending a different elementary since their housing will be in a different area. That part we don't especially like but it looks like they are going to get to have lots of time to play and have fun anyway. I am so thankful she makes friends so easily and has been able to find someone who is so much like her! :)

We are playing tourist as much as we can for now. My only frustration is not knowing the language. I have been spoken to in so many different languages already and I just kind of nod my head and wave and go about my business. :) We have also had a ton of business to take care of and still have tons to do. I have a million pictures already to share with you but will have to upload them at another time and get them posted. We are capped at 1 hours of internet time here in the library to be fair to everyone and I tend to be long-winded in my emails and blogs sometimes so that hour goes by quickly. And my lil diva girl is now requesting to check her email so I will sign off here for now and will keep filling you all in as we go about our journey here in Stuttgart.

Tschuss! (or Cheers!) :)


Kendra said...

I've had those nightmare flights, with kids, and overseas. I feel for you guys.

I hope you all settle in quickly and start to feel at home!

Bis dan!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, Ashley!

You are in Germany!!!

That is crazy.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so glad you arrived safely! Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!