Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's A Crazy Cold Tuesday

Hi y'all! :) I miss being able to say that. Our friends here from Ohio laugh at us for saying that. Everything to them is "You guys" or "Dude!" as their 7 y.o. little girl says. :)

We're back in the library killing some time. Ronnie is off today so we've been running around like crazy getting some business taken care of. We got Neeley signed up for VBS here in a couple of weeks and who knew that she would get to do Crocodile Dock here too. She is ecstatic since she only got to do a day of it there in Arkansas. They have hundreds of kids who attend and almost all of the parents volunteer to help so that's several hundred helpers too. I was going to register as a volunteer but here's the kicker-you have to have a background check, and a physical, and some other things and have a few government forms filled out since it's provided by a government agency. Sad to say but I just decided that was a bit too much for me to deal with during our first month here.

Wanna hear something else that has created a huge stink?? Well, we were originally told our stuff would be here this week and that our housing would be ready this week too. Apparently that's not the case. Due to a backlog, our stuff won't be here until early August and the new hardwood floors are messed up in our new quarters so we can't move in to them for several weeks as well. So, we are still in a very expensive hotel for now which we hate. We applied today for temporary housing that will come furnished with government furniture and hopefully we can get that. But here' the next thing-we will have to wait a few weeks for even that to be ready. And the contractor had to put new locks on our permanent unit so we can't even get in to look at it because the housing office doesn't even have a key to it. What? We are all so frustrated! This is happening to everyone in the unit who has arrived here in the last month or so. We have been promised all the sunshine in the world by the housing clerk and when we arrive in person to speak with the director it all changes. So that's our biggest frustration. We are so sick of being in the hotel. Neeley and I ride the bus to post every day just to get out of the hotel. We have also been walking around some in our immediate area but we are ready to have our part of a yard with Neeley's playground and to be near post since we have to go there pretty much every day anyway.

At least we're in Germany though right? Well...I guess so. :) I do feel that way until I find out all this about housing. Oh, and the fact that Ronnie gets to go to Paris in August without us. Nope, we're not allowed to go. BUMMER! And the fact that he will be in the field for the few days around Neeley's birthday. He says he will be coming back every day but well, we'll just have to see about that.

We've got to move Ronnie's stuff out of the barracks by the end of the day tomorrow so our hotel room will look even more like a tornado by that time. Y'all say a little prayer for us that we can get in to some kind of housing soon before we kill each other. That other family staying in our same hotel has two kids and I think they are driving their parents crazy too! :)

Y'all keep us posted too!

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