Saturday, June 6, 2009

Life Can't Always Be A Carnival!

Boy, are we pooped. Thank you to everyone who made it over to our Birthday/Going Away Carnival. I did shed a few tears at the end. **tear** Neeley received so many very special memories. We cannot wait to get to Germany and start on our scrapbooking. Y'all continue to pray that I will have the patience to actually scrapbook with her. I've never really tried it before. I have no patience to have stuff everywhere nor do I have the space to put that stuff. And I'm sure our 2 bedroom apartment in Germany won't allow much of that either but we'll just make it happen. I think that was by far the best party she has ever had. All of those hours and dollars spent to make it happen are so worth the time, effort and money. Those memories are priceless and we will cherish them forever. We had a ton of fun looking back through old pictures from friends from back when the girls were just babies! I know they are only around 7 or 8 years old but now they are changing so much. No more sweet pudgy baby cheeks to smooch on! These are big kids now and they will let you know it too. Neeley said that was one of the best days she has ever had!

Now we've had our baths and it's time to retire for the night. And I think we may stay in hiding tomorrow just to recover. :) Oh, and before I am asked, I did get tons of pictures promised to me from family and friends. I am always TERRIBLE about taking pictures because I am always way too involved in the parties to ever get any good shots. I will share all that I get later. I did promise Neeley this may have been her last birthday party. Bad mama or what? That may have just been the tired feet doing the talking. :)

Y'all have a great rest of your weekend. Will share more as I can. We fly in 4 days! Aaaaahhhhh........

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