Friday, June 5, 2009

Frantic Friday

What a day already! T.G.I.F. is all I can say, except now we fly in 5 days. **GASP** Oh my!

We had an emotional goodbye with one of our little friends yesterday. Neeley's good friend C. can't make it to the big shabang tomorrow because her family is headed out of town to the beach (SO JEALOUS!) so she came over for a bit yesterday evening to say goodbye. The girls got to play for a bit while we moms talked about important stuff-like how 2nd grade girls are so sassy, and the cute shoes they wear and stuff like that-and then we all had to say goodbye. We held up on our end but C was clearly upset. We love you C and will miss you dearly. We will always cherish your friendship and promise to keep in touch and will get that Flat Stanley to you! :)

Good News! As of today, we now have a place to live in Germany. Yay! Ronnie had to inquire about our eligibility date or something like that (feel free to explain more, hon!) so we were moved up on the list to #6 because of an error and once that happened we were immediately placed in to a unit in the area for the senior enlisted which is a good thing. They generally keep those units in better shape-repairs are made quickly and they keep them pristine on the outside-and we should be able to move in in about a week or so. Very exciting! The building will look much like the one I posted in a previous post-an apartment building that isn't exactly glamorous but will serve it's purpose. And I won't have to mess with a yard! Even better! :)

So now I'm off to run about 3,495 errands. These should be about all that I have left to do here in town except for a little bit of clean up I will have to do next week before we fly. And I am thankful. Calgon is definitely calling my name once I arrive in Germany!

Y'all have a great day and come see us at the big Blowout Shabang tomorrow!

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