Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thank Goodness For Lazy Days

We are taking our last lazy day here in Arkansas. I refuse to do much today. :) The next two days will be spent packing up and running a few last errands before our big flight out of here on Wednesday. So today we are simply laying around watching tv, playing Nintendo DS, eating good food, reading, and just being lazy. And it feels wonderful! I know I won't get too many more of these for a while since we will be setting up our new living place so I am making myself enjoy it.

I have so many fun artsy projects planned in my head to overhaul some of our furniture when I get there. Now, I'm sure I may have very different ideas by the time we touch down in Stuttgart, but for right now I have it all planned out. Can't wait to finally get there and get things done and be able to reveal our new living space.

Pics to come...I promise!

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