Monday, June 8, 2009

Manic Monday

Yes, it's another Manic Monday and hopefully our last for a while. Today, while Neeley is at a local VBS with one of her besties, I have been changing our address on a ton of things, paying bills, cancelling cell phones, etc., etc., etc. I think I'm about finished. Not saying that I don't still have 1,493 errands to run and things to do but have accomplished quite a bit so far today and for that I'm thankful. Because I have another ever-so-important date at the nail spa either today or tomorrow. That's my last gift to me for a while.

Gotta run as usual. We're outta here in 2 days! :)


Anonymous said...

Two days! If I were you, I'd end up not sleeping for those two days. We just moved to Missouri, but I know for the last few days before moving day I rarely slept with all the last minute things to do. Good luck with it all!


Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

The beauty college has a special going on ... mani, pedi and facial for $30. We're going Thursday to try it out.