Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wow, The TV Tower

The same day we spent at the park we also went to see the TV Tower. Wow! It takes you up high (I will have to ask Ronnie for the specifics-I just know it was HIGH!) in an elevator and lets you out to take a look all around Stuttgart and the surrounding area. I forgot to tell my family-and well frankly forgot to prepare myself as well-that it would be a negative 4 million degrees up there so yes we are in hoodies only with the wind about to knock us down. Well, so much for my OCD preparation but we enjoyed it anyway. The view was spectacular!

The Tower also has a gift shop, a restaurant, and a biergarten in it. The building itself was interesting but very neat.

Hope you enjoy the view too!

This is where we were headed...

Look at that view!

We were freezing!


Another tower

There was a soccer complex right next door...

How many people live here again? LOL


So cold! Gotta love that wind! :)

Neeley wanted to make a penny (euro) in the crank machine.

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