Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playin' In The Mud

Happy Saturday to y'all!

Even though we did do quite a bit of sightseeing yesterday, I felt like all we did was play in the mud all day. It poured or sprinkled just about all day yesterday and, of course, the things we were doing were outside. But we didn't let that hamper our plans any. I would never let that happen when we all have this time off. We were freezing too but we wore lots of layers and our tennies and set out to have fun.

Our first trip took us to Ludwigsburg. Oh my! What a neat place! We were going in search of the Ludwigsburg Castle. Every year in the fall they do these great big sculptures from stories and fairy tales made entirely out of pumpkins and gourds and the like. And it was awesome! I don't have my pictures uploaded yet but oh my word! You all have got to get here to see this stuff. Neeley bought a little pumpkin. I'm such a bad mommy-haven't decorated for fall and don't really even care to. I'd really rather be out seeing more sights. :) They had a table where you could sample a little taste of the different kinds of pumpkins and Neeley thought that was pretty cool. We have already seen quite a few castles here so we chose to spend our money seeing the pumpkins and buying the little pumpkin and seeing some other outdoor things and we can always make it back to the castle sometime. We are trying to get as much bang for our buck (or euro) as we can while we are here.

After we had had enough pumpkin goodness, we drove back to RB and hopped the bus to take in the sights at Canstatter Wasen or Volksfest. That's Oktoberfest! Yay! It was great, except it was cold and super muddy and a little bit sprinkly outside but it ended up being just fine. Neeley and Ronnie rode a few rides, and after that we just walked around to see all that there was to see and there was a lot. We were mostly interested in seeing the foods because we had heard they were awesome and yes they were. It was a very nice set-up, everything was neat and clean, the rides were very good rides that were well-maintained, and people were everywhere. The prices of the rides were astronomical-some upwards of $9 just for one little spin-so they picked out the best ones. I still want to make it to the "real" Oktoberfest in Munich but we'll have to save that for another year.

All in all, despite the crazy weather, and trying to master the bus system for the first time, it was a very good day. Will hopefully get the pictures ready later today. This morning we are headed to Heidelberg for a few hours of sightseeing. They have the Cinderella castle there, and tons of other fun to do and see. Will hopefully have a ton of pics from that trip to share too.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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