Monday, October 26, 2009

Beware Of Those Needles

I am so thankful I have a kid who loves to try new things. She tends to be very crafty, well if you can even tell what she has made after it's all over and done with. :) Is that a horse or a harp? LOL

She has taken up another new hobby apparently. She at first had an interest in it oh about a year or so ago so we set out and bought a few things to help get her started. Well, my lil left handed girl found out it wasn't so easy but she tried and she tried. Then life got crazy and 2nd grade ended and well, we moved halfway around the world and those things got put to the side.

Tonight she discovered where they had been hiding in her closet for the past few months, and I found myself looking at this scene on the couch once again...

Yes, she is teaching herself to knit. Ronnie and I are both so right-handed it's pathetic and have tried to help her but since she's a lefty, she's on her own on this one. I tried to teach myself the left handed instructions using that crazy thick "manual" they give you but just couldn't get it. My horse/harp/snowflake/whatever was just turning out to be a big blob of sorts.

I think she's got the hang of it this time. Will keep you all posted as she continues on this work in progress . . .


Kendra said...

Leftie or rightie, learning to knit with a book is HARD! Have her look up video tutorials on Youtube. Or has video tutorials, too. Good luck to her! Can she crochet? That's an easy one to learn from a book!

Anonymous said...

I guess that's something she inheirated from me, try sitting directly in front of her like she is sitting in front of a mirror.
If it's any consolation, I never learned myself.

Love Granny