Monday, October 5, 2009

What Do You Remember Most About Your Summer?

Neeley brought home something from school the other day that was so cute. I just knew I had to share it!

Just looking at it may not mean a lot to you but let me explain. Her art teacher one day gave them the assignment to draw a collage of pictures that represents the summer they had this year. They were to draw one major thing in the middle bigger than all the rest and several smaller pictures around it.

Neeley chose a Delta airplane as her main picture. Hhmmm . . . wonder why!?! :) We flew Delta here to Germany and this has been a HUGE move for her so that was the main highlight of her summer. Breaks my heart! :)

She also included her piano which she loves, our lil dog Anna Banana, her friends at a sleepover, card games that we played on the airplane ride over here, her as a cheerleader at her last game with Upward, flowers for the those we have planted here, her as a gymnast as part of her gymnastics class, and the rest I will have to ask her to decipher again.

This picture is now hanging up on the wall in her room. She is so proud of it! Normally she doesn't like for us to look at her art because she doesn't feel she is the best artist but I fell in love with this one and hope to keep it forever in our scrapbook.

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Anonymous said...

This is Rachel Brown...your art camp teacher from 2 summers ago! I am so excited about your collage! It's just superb. You should be extremely proud of how you draw. I bet you one of the best in your class in Germany. You go girl!