Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well, I wish I had lots of fabulous stories about Heidelberg to tell and show you. But I don't. See, let me tell you about how a case of the Bowden luck struck again. :)

Yesterday, we had plans to go visit Heidelberg to see their castle, take Neeley to ExpoHeidelberg (much like Mid-America Museum), and take in many other cool sights. The weather was terrible as we were leaving and was just getting worse as we were getting closer to Heidelberg. We were just about ready to call it quits and turn around and head for home for what was going to end up being a movies in our jammies day.

Movies in our jammies with a big mug of cider/coffee/hot chocolate or something of the like really wasn't sounding too bad, so we weren't too terribly sad about this option. I must say I was a little disappointed that we were not able to use one of our off days together to go see something new, but at least we were all together and safe and happy and fed so that's all that mattered.

We were just about to make an exit to head back towards home when the car started making a funny sound. Now this wasn't a flat tire kind of sound but something that sounded really scary. I was praying with all my might that it wasn't something major because well, who wants to deal with that. Oh, and did I mention that it was then raining cats and dogs per se and no grass in sight . . . only mud! So we found a place to pull over, got out, and noticed a terribly flat tire. Now, must I say I was actually thankful to see just a flat tire. But I was also just about in tears at the pitiful sight. Our car was loaded, and I do mean loaded, because when we travel we usually take travel snacks for lil miss, and we usually pack a picnic lunch too. Oh, and did I mention that it was -372 degrees outside so we had several layers for each of us in the car and extra shoes and socks and then some . . . ok, you get the idea. So we had to change the flat right there while dodging the cats and dogs coming down, and dodging the rude mail truck that just zoomed past us splashing mud everywhere, and overlooking the rude bystanders who wouldn't even think about helping anyone here. Much different from the states.

So, we got the tire changed, tucked our tails, and headed back for home. I had to sulk for a while until I was able to get comfortable, watch a little tv, drink some yummy cider and then take a much-needed nap. I ended up going to bed last night with a migraine. Ouch! So that's how our day went. Not what we had expected but that's okay. That just means we have even more travelling to do. We were supposed to head to Ramstein today but that isn't going to happen on a spare tire.

Oh, did I tell you they have to order our tire from the states? Oh yeah . . . and it takes a few days to get here. So that's always good. Another bummer!

We have plans to go visit the local TV Tower today. It's way cool! Go check it out here. You take an elevator up and it spins while you see all of Stuttgart. It's cheap and close by and is apparently a very awesome experience is what we've heard. They have a gift shop and a restaurant, a biergarten, and who knows what else up there in that little space. We are excited to go! I think Neeley will really enjoy it.

After that, we will probably head on over to a place I have been wanting to visit - OBI. It's our version of Home Depot or Lowe's. I need to find a stain for our dining room table. And I need to do it quick before it gets even lower than -372 degrees outside.

Tomorrow is another day off for the three of us until Ronnie goes back to work tomorrow night so I'm not sure what kind of trouble we will get ourselves in to tomorrow, but I'm sure it will be an adventure. Will share more later!

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