Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bless Her Heart!

This is what Neeley looks like on Tuesdays now.

She has her Strings Ensemble after school on Tuesdays and has to carry that stinkin' violin back and forth on those days. We had to switch her to an older backpack just for these days so she can carry everything. You have no idea how much stuff we have tucked away in that backpack. That holds all of her school work, her lunch box, snack & drink, an extra change of clothes, and who knows what else she put in there. Please say an extra little prayer for her on Tuesdays. With this colder weather, she will be bundled up even more on those days and the poor girl has to walk to school. The walk takes about 15 minutes if you are walking at a rapid pace, but she putts along at a snail's pace most often. I had to add a shoulder strap to the violin case just to try to help her a bit. Poor girl! :)

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Kendra said...

Poor little pack mule! It's crazy what kids have to carry around on their backs in school now days. No wonder more and more people are having back problems!