Friday, October 2, 2009

Elmo? Is That You?

What a treat! Our USO brought in the Sesame Street Live travelling show to Patch yesterday. We were fortunate that the last show of the day was well after school was let out so I put Neeley and I on the bus over for the show.

Look at the cool toys they handed out!

I think she was pondering here. At one point she thought she might be "too big" for an Elmo show. :)

Introducing the cast . . .


My fave . . . Grover!

Aren't they cute?

Cheesin' with friends . . .

We thoroughly enjoyed the show! This was a definite must-see. It is the Connect! show that you hear about on tv commercials that is dedicated to and specifically for military kids. They hear stories from Elmo and friends about parents being away or deployed or having to move so often and the changes that come with these moves.

I am so glad Neeley asked (begged) me to go. At first I wasn't too sure it was for her either but we really had a good time. The show was short and sweet so we were able to get back on the bus and got home in plenty enough time to cook dinner and have some quiet time at home yesterday evening.

Ronnie is back working nights this month so he wasn't able to join us, but I think he will be fine with that! LOL

This weekend means another soccer game for us and Oktoberfest! Our very first Volksfest here in Germany! We are so excited! We are going to take the bus down to the fest grounds tomorrow after soccer and take in the rides and all the fun (minus the excessive alcohol since we will have lil miss in tow - oh, btw, they just RAISED the legal drinking age from 14 to 16 here. wow!) so we can add that adventure to our scrapbook. I'll be sure and share pics when I get them uploaded.

Have a great weekend!

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