Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Updates And Such

Happy Tuesday to you!

It's definitely heading towards winter here in Germany. Brrr... it's cold outside!

This is what lil miss looks like on the mornings she walks to school. :) Don't know how much more she will be able to stand of this walking business.

I'm teaching most of this week so that always makes our household interesting. This is the first week that I have been there nearly every day. I taught a half day last Thursday and helped with school pictures Thursday afternoon and all of Friday. Let's just say that after this week I'll be fine if I don't have to come up to the school for a while. I am glad that I can volunteer and it is always nice to get the sub pay but still.

My own classes end November 14th and I couldn't be more ready. That Ethics class is killing me! I will be taking a managerial econ class and human resources mgmt for the 7 week term that begins in January. Thankfully I have a month and a half off in between semesters. I will be about halfway finished by the end of the winter term that ends in late February. Yay! I think if I have it calculated correctly I will be finished with everything completely by next fall, and maybe even earlier! Yay!

We have some news on our next whereabouts in this world but can't share them just yet until it's made "official." So be waiting for that announcement . . . let's just say we're a lil less than thrilled. It's not too terribly awful but we just want to get settled here and not have to move in . . . oh just a bit. Will share when I can.

Neeley was invited to a Halloween themed birthday party at our bowling alley this past weekend. It was for the cutest lil 4 year old girl and let me tell you, she is definitely a girly-girl all the way. I thought mine could be bad at times. LOL We had a blast! Neeley is a "vampiress" this year but I am making her call it a vampire princess or something better. :) We normally do the princess theme and she was a "diva" one year but I tend to stay away from the devils and such. I just don't like it, but let me tell you...these military kids apparently don't care and their mommas and daddies don't either. We have seen it all so far! And they go all out on their costumes. I've never seen anything like it! I'll have to share some pictures when I get them uploaded.

An update on our friends I asked you to pray for...he has colon cancer. Please continue to be thinking about them. He had surgery last week but I don't know the outcome just yet.

We're still fighting colds and trying to avoid the what we have dubbed the "zoo flu" at our house. Next we'll hear about dog flu, hamster flu, and who knows what else. But so far we don't have it!

More to come soon . . .

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Amber said...

What??? You're moving again??? Can't wait to hear the news.

Y'all stay warm. And well!