Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where Have You Been & What Have You Been Up To?

This question was waiting for me in my inbox this morning, so thought I'd take a quick minute to update you all.

We are crazy, busy, all-over-the-place these days. Let's recap since my last newsworthy post, shall we?

Thursday, 28th - submitted my crazy Colgate/AAFES/make me wanna scream prelim. paper. I know I will get a big fat F on it, I just have this feeling. But it's turned in and I am just waiting on revisions.

Friday, 29th - Errands, errands, and more errands. Dentist exams for Neeley and I. Then preparations for a super fast crazy fun weekend. Ended the evening with a Sleep-In with our Girl Scouts. A Sleep-In is the Girl Scout prerequisite to Camping Out. So we had a Sleep-In at my friend Michelle's house with 13 screaming hyenas...I mean 13 beautiful, young, energetic 8 and 9 year olds. Fun until 11 pm and then lights out/quiet time. But we were up til 1 am. Oh boy!

Saturday, 30th - At the Sleep-In until about 11 am. Then errands, errands, errands. Everything is so spread out between the posts here that it does take you days and days just to get anything done because you spend all your time trying to get somewhere.

Sunday, 31st - Cleaned this nasty house! Oh my, it was gross if I do say so myself. Bought groceries. Cooked some fabulously yummy Colorado Green Chile for dinner. Paid bills, did laundry, you know the usual no fun domestic stuff.

Monday, February 1st - Is it February already? Wow!! Errands, as usual...followed by coming home to make a few necessary phone calls. Good lunch with a good friend. Picked Neeley up from school. Homework, homework, homework...oh boy! Mailed off my registration for Spring 2010 classes. Yikes! After the Spring semester, I will only have 15 hours left in my MBA. Hallelujah!! And did a bunch of other completely random domestic type stuff.

Tuesday, 2nd - started working on my digital article scrapbook I have to finish and submit by the 19th. Yikes! And that is on top of everything else I have to do as well as revising my Colgate nonsense. Boo..........

And that brings us to today. Working on the scrapbook. Ronnie is still away, but we talk to him often (hey hon!!) :). And for that I am thankful!

I better get back to it. I have no time for anything these days. I am so overwhelmed by these classes this semester and these aren't even my most difficult classes. I walk around most days feeling like I can't breathe. I cannot wait to just be done with this degree!! I know I've said that a million and one times already, but geez...

Neeley still continues to amaze me. She has taught herself to knit and is now teaching herself to sew by hand. She LOVES to make our trips to the Arts & Crafts Center on post. Think I know what to put in her Valentine's Day basket this year . . . hhmmm . . . :)

Y'all have a good one! And if you don't hear from me for a while, just know I am buried in 4,297 pieces of paper of some sort of another . . .

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