Monday, February 15, 2010

Family Week

Last week was Family Week at Neeley's school. Every evening a different event was sponsored and we have really had some fun with it.

Monday night was dedicated to National History so the middle school kiddos had their projects on display. Historical dancing and other entertainment was provided along with foods from other countries. Yum Yum! It was so fun!

Tuesday night was Read In Your PJ's night . . .

The grade levels were divided up and the school librarian read to the 2nd and 3rd graders. Their theme was Adventures in Time & Space so he read some great books on those subjects.

Then the kids were served milk and cookies and sent home on a sugar high.

Wednesday night was Bingo and Chili. And I was so excited about winning my Swarvoski crystal vase that I forgot to take any pictures.

Thursday night was supposed to be Games - Unplugged night but the event was cancelled due to the snow and this crazy weather we are having. School was even closed on Friday which we have been told pretty much never happens here. Yes, it has been that bad. Yikes! Pics to come of that as well.

We have been so busy with school events and other things going on. My school is about to still send me over the edge but I only have one more week in this semester. Yay!

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