Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prayer Requests For This And That

I know some of our friends and family are the praying type, so here goes . . . I have several requests to put out there.

I have a 27 year old "friend" that I met through the Army Wives forums about 2 years ago. She has become the highlight of the forums and really a remarkable person. She is from the UK and has had major health complications for a while. By early August 2009, she had complained for almost a year about some degenerative spine thing she had going on and just generally never felt good. She was always putting information out there to let us know what was going on with her. That was the month that she got back in to "university" as they call it and she was so excited. She really seems to be a great person from her stories and what we know of her. Her fiance is in the military and she always had these funny stories and little blurbs that she always shared with us. Well . . . on September 8th, 2009, she suffered a pulmonary embolism her family has been told. She had been in a coma until this past week. The doctors were warning her family that they really did not know her outcome. She woke up this past week and can communicate a little but is in a permanent vegetative state. She is now completely blind and deaf and they feel she will stay this way. Please lift up her family. I know she isn't a friend in real life but we all feel like she is. Without even knowing us, she would mail us sweet cards and gifts and would always check in on each of us during deployments or just every day in general. So caring! Wow!

Also, we have several friends here who are struggling. The military men of the families are deploying, some families are just struggling in their marriages and in many other ways, one family is dealing with some educational disability issues with one of their children, and it just seems to be a time of turmoil for so many.

I would also like to share that we are still dealing with friend issues with Neeley. I tell ya, 7, 8, 9, 10 year old girls can be meanies! We never had such issues in Arkansas but they just continue to grow here. I keep thinking to myself and sharing with other mothers who seem to have the same concerns that perhaps it is the age and the beginning of the hormone fun we have yet to see, but I am ready for it to end.

Thank you so much for including these prayers in your daily devotional routines. I know that isn't all, but these are the biggies right now. I think we will all feel better and healthier when we start to see the sunshine again.

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