Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fasching Fun

Neeley did some research on the tradition of Fasching here in Germany in order to fulfill her requirements for a Girl Scout patch.

Fasching, once again is a time of celebration similar to Mardi Gras, leading up to the time of spiritual reflection during Lent. Wow, what a party! We had a trip scheduled with the USO to go to a fasching parade but because of the weather, the trip was cancelled. That's okay, we had our own party anyway.

Her first requirement was to make her very own fasching mask.

She also had to write a story on some things she learned. And she also got to participate in a fasching party during the Host Nation class at her school. How fun! She was asked to wear her mask to school that day for the party. She is really enjoying learning all about Germany and other countries here in Europe and we are still so thankful for these opportunities.

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