Saturday, February 13, 2010

How 'Bout A Lil Snow?

Ok, really, I know our Arkansas family and friends are wanting the snow but we are really not looking for any more snow in Germany. Seriously, we have been told this past week that this is the worst winter they have experienced in a while.

Friday morning we woke up to this . . .

And this was after I had shoveled for 2 hours Thursday evening and cleared the car Thursday afternoon. Wow!

Everything on post had been closed and cancelled since Thursday afternoon so we were ready to get out in it a bit by Friday afternoon. . .

Where are my feet?

Neeley had already been sledding with several friends that morning. It has been such a beautiful powdery snow that is great to play in, but it definitely keeps you stranded at home which is so new to us.

Snow, snow, go away . . . and wait another year 'til you come back, please!

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