Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's A European Blizzard, Y'all!

Yes, we are getting even more snow. It has come down on us for days now. Post has been closed and school has been day by day. While I know many of the kids are really loving it, we are all kind of sick of it too. The only thing you can do to keep from going stir crazy is getting out in it and having some fun, which is just what we have been doing.

We are fortunate to have several little parks here on RB. Neeley and the other kiddos love them. We visited one on Monday just to get out of the house.

Can you see Neeley from all the snow? :)

As you can see, she headed straight for the swings.

Then we had a good ol' fashioned snow ball fight where I ended up with one in the face. LOVE the expression! :)

And I tried to retaliate but mine crumbled before I could even throw it.

We have never laughed so hard in our lives.

I really keep trying to remind myself that this is all about our experiences in Germany, but I have also told Ronnie that our next PCS better be to the beach.


Amber said...

Look at all that snow!!

HOW FUN! But, yep...I'd be sick of it, too!

Kendra said...

I vote Hawaii, too!

willson said...

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