Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Doesn't Love A Good Ritter-Sport?

If you have never tried Ritter-Sport chocolate, I am sending you one. We took a quick trip to their Schokolade (Chocolate) Shop and came home with a bundle . . .

Look at all those chocolates!

This place is Heaven On Earth! ;)

Sensory overload, I tell ya . . .

And, yes, this is what we came home with . . . it could have been much worse, I promise!

They had a neat educational area. Here are my two favorite kids listening to some interesting facts about chocolate . . .

They also had this vending machine of sorts. It showed the process of making the chocolates in the factory, shipping them out, and then delivery by truck. A little truck went around on the tracks and delivered little individual Vollmilch flavored chocolates when the button was pushed. Look at Neeley and those boys! Mouth-watering goodness!

Neeley got to participate in the kids Chocolate Workshop while we were there. They whisked the kids up a flight of stairs and away from us parents - I'm guessing parents weren't allowed even up the stairs because perhaps the kids were helped in the test kitchen by a big bunch of Oompah Loompahs - and into a test kitchen of sorts. There, they got to make their own chocolates and learn all about the Ritter-Sport process, and secrets apparently. LOL Neeley chose Almond & Hazelnut for her own chocolates and I must say that is some mighty good chocolate. They got to decorate these cute paper containers to put their homemade chocolates in. Yummy stuff!

The trip was so much fun! We had heard so much about this place and had tried to get there a couple of times before but it just hadn't worked out until that day. Ronnie finally had his treats for his plane ride and Neeley and I have been enjoying each little delicious square of ours as well. I am trying to ration mine so my daily motivator doesn't yell at me. :)

What are some of your favorite treats?

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Kendra said...

I've heard of them. My German teacher was from Hamburg. I think if I was in that store I could do some damage. European chocolate is so much better than our Hershey's stuff!