Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garmisch Tales - FYI: LOTS OF PICS!!

We headed to this WONDERFUL place early Friday morning. LOVED it! Garmisch is about three hours southeast from Stuttgart, but because of the weather it took us almost four hours to get there. Blizzard like conditions in some places and some of the streets were kind of scary, but we made it there in one piece. Once there, it was very relaxing, as you can see here...

The outside of the resort. I know it's hard to see, it was so foggy and there was snow everywhere!

They had several outside walls with these beautiful paintings on them.

Neeley found the fireplace in the lobby immediately...LOVE this!

We checked in to our cozy little room. The lodge has a rustic theme and this carried over in to the rooms as well. Oh, I wish I could have taken even more pictures. We had the best time and it was beautiful!

After taking a good look at our room (in true female style...), we headed out to get the luggage. Now, y'all, you would have thought we were going to be gone for two months with the amount of clothes and ski gear we had to carry with us. I hate that part!

Finally, we got to sit down for a minute and enjoy the scenery in the lobby.

How neat is that?

Our hotel had a little bit of everything. This is a case full of touristy things.

Aw, look what was found right outside on our own little patio...

We enjoyed that little sitting area as much as we could despite it being negative 2,000 degrees outside.

They had all these rocking chairs set up around the fireplace in the lobby. They were usually occupied every time we wanted to enjoy the fire, but not on this day and by gosh we planted ourselves there as fast as we could and had a great time. So warm! Just what we needed.

Neeley at dinner one night in the hotel. Such yummy food! I think we each gained a few pounds while we were there. Or maybe we worked off the extra calories by playing out in the snow.

Various houses and barns and huts and shelters and such in the area. We couldn't really tell what a lot of these were but several of them had open doorways which seemed like some sort of shelters.

Look at those Alps! Breathtaking!

I hope these pictures give you sort of a view of just how awesome this little getaway was. I will save the skiing pictures for the next post since I only took about 200 pictures over the weekend. ;) You can tell who the photographer in the family is, right? I hope you can all make it to Garmisch one day. The weekend was just what I needed, especially after finding out that Ronnie will be headed out of here for a little while. God's timing was perfect in planning this perfect little getaway for us!

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